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Tea can be black, green or white, be made of herbs or fruits
and may be enjoyed with all kinds of extras. All teas are unique and as
distinctive as the individuals who enjoy them. Every tea has an inimitable
character. ALTHAUS stands for tea with character, made for people with

With an awareness of the longstanding traditions of tea
culture and the specific demands of the out-of-home market, our tea experts
develop contemporary concepts that meet the requirements of upscale gastronomy
and hospitality. Here, the highest product quality and modern production
methods merge with surprising tea compositions and innovative design. This is
how tea from ALTHAUS becomes what it is meant to be — a tea with character.

Althaus is working towards its goal of increasing the
proportion of organic products in its range to up to 75 % by the end of 2025.
Packaging is inevitable as it protects valuable teas from moisture, foreign
flavors. It increases shelf life, thereby reducing waste. However, we are also
committed to finding sustainable packaging solutions and working to make its
packaging as environmentally friendly as possible 

  • Orders over £16 qualify for FREE UK delivery!

Orders over £16 qualify for FREE UK delivery!